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Clients and Community Benefit from Community Service

Key is always looking for ways to engage clients in meaningful activities from which they can learn and grow.  We have found involving clients in community service activities to be particularly successful.

Each week, a number of residential clients volunteer time at the Berkshire Humane Society in Pittsfield.  Youth play with and help to care for the animals placed there for adoption; including the not-so-glamorous task of cleaning pens and kennels.  One 13-year-old client of the Berkshire Region says. “It’s been a great experience seeing that whatever condition the animals come in as, strays or loved, the Berkshire Humane Society treats them all as their own.” And, according to one Assistant Program Supervisor , “The Berkshire Humane Society is an excellent resource for the Key Program and the community of Pittsfield. The clients love interacting with the animals and learning to care for them properly. We like it because it teaches them responsibility.”

Another group of clients donates time at the First United Methodist Church in Pittsfield, where they help to prepare and serve food to the community’s homeless and disadvantaged citizens.  An Assistant Program Supervisor says, “Attending community service has given the children an opportunity to not only give back to the community, but also has taught them valuable social/vocational skills. The kids look forward to attending community service each week. Feeding the homeless or less fortunate has taught them to appreciate what they have and has also instilled in them a drive to help those in need.” A 17-year-old client explains, “The thing I love about going to community service at the First United Methodist Church is being able to help people going through a rough situation. I was in their shoes once and I wish I would have had someone to help me." Nice work everyone!