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CPI Instructors Gather For Curriculum Enhancements

On Wednesday, June 20th, Key’s CPI instructors got together at the Hilton Garden Inn in Worcester, MA.  The purpose of the “summit” was to review Key’s updated 16-Hour Key Behavior Support and CPI Enhanced Training Curriculum that goes into effect on 7/1/18.  The newly-updated 16-hour curriculum has been enhanced to incorporate information on trauma informed care, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and strength-based treatment as they related to behavior support and crisis intervention.  This content has also been woven into the curriculum to include new learning models that will help staff identify various levels of risk behavior and consider more physical intervention options with the goal of providing the most beneficial way to deliver support and intervention services to each client as needed.  

At the meeting, the CPI Instructors were recognized for their commitment to agency-wide crisis intervention training.  Each was presented with a $40 voucher towards the purchase of this year’s selection of Key apparel.  Thank you to ALL the members of Key’s CPI Instructor Training Team!  The Instructors and the length of time they have been providing CPI training are:

     Chris Andrade, Program Supervisor, Southeast Region, 1 year
     Matt Beaulieu, Senior Program Supervisor, Western Region, 6 years
     Alan-Michael Chest, Clinical Care Manager, Western Region, 3 years
     Joanna Davis, Recruiter/Trainer, Central Region, 1 year
     Tara Keefe, Senior Program Supervisor, Central Region, 5 years
     Rob Lemoi, Recruiter/Trainer, Southeast & Rhode Island Regions, 4 years
     Courtney Lowe, Program Supervisor, Central Region, 1 month
     Lynn Meffen, Clinical Supervisor, Western Region, 4 years
     Russ O’Neill, Senior Program Supervisor, Western Region, 4 years
     Breana Swain, Program Supervisor, beginning October 2018!
     Sean Timpane, Program Supervisor, Berkshire Region, 4 years
     Karen Waterman, Administrative Supervisor & HR Representative, Western Region, 4 years

We’d like to extend a very special appreciation to those who have been a CPI Instructors for 10 or more years:

     Mike Brennan, Regional Director, Central Region, 19 years
     John Cowan, Senior Program Supervisor, Western Region, 18 years
     Mike Murray, Clinical Supervisor, Western Region, 16 years
     Jay Kirby, Program Supervisor, Southeast Region, 16 years
     Howard Mackenzie, Senior Program Supervisor, Northeast Region, 16 years

Submitted by:  Carol Malone, Recruitment/Training Manager, Main Office