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Farm to STARR’s Table

Outreach Program Supervisor Bryanna Wetherell is always looking for creative ways to make an impact on the Berkshire region's clients and staff, this summer has been no different. Bry has spent several days a week in the residential programs between staffing shortages and her role in the backup rotation. During this time it's always a pleasure to watch her connect with some of the harder to reach clients by finding hobbies and interests they enjoy that help. One of Bry's most recent projects was creating a thriving garden with two Pittsfield STARR clients. They couldn't resist planting a few beautiful sunflowers, but focused mostly on vegetables. This week Bry had to remind the clients to wait until things were full grown and ripe as they were very eager to add the half grown peppers to a salad! Bry was very happy to see the clients get excited about healthy eating and being able to see begin to see the success of the garden! Thank you to Bry for all your hard work, creativity, positive attitude!