Career Opportunities with Key Program Inc. in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

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An Experience For A Lifetime

Do you want to make a difference in the world around you? Would you want to help a child or teen by making a positive impact on his/her life? Are you not sure where to start, what to do, or where to go to get this experience? It's here at the Key Program! Key is just the right place to launch or advance your career in social services.

There are many rewarding opportunities awaiting those who want to start a career in social services or move into a supervisory or clinical positions with Key. Since its inception, Key's success has rested on the exceptionally committed shoulders of our professional staff.  We continually seek individuals who demonstrate a strong commitment to the principles of helping at-risk youth and families regain control of their lives.


Key is a unique organization in that staff in direct care positions are limited to a maximum 18-month period of employment.  Direct care staff often come to Key as an entry level professional in the process of learning and developing human service skills.  Key views its role as assisting direct care staff in their own development by providing solid, hands-on experience with intensive training and a professional development supervision program. Learn more about Key's Direct Care Position and the 18-month time limited position philosophy.

  • Enhanced Family Support Services Caseworker
  • Family Support Services Caseworker
  • Outreach and Tracking Caseworker
  • Overnight Awake Shiftworker
  • Residential Caseworker
  • Therapeutic Mentor


Career buiding at Key is continuous and provides endless opportunities.  Whether you began at Key in a direct care position or are looking to commit to a narrower segment of social services, Key provides several career paths.  To ensure continued career growth, Key proudly supports their employee's through an intensive training program and supervision, educational reimbursement programs, graduate-level scholarships, and paid CEU's.

Career Paths within Key:                                                                      

  • Clinical                                                                                    
  • Supervisory                                                                             
  • Case Management                                                                  

Career Paths after gaining experience at Key: 

For over 43 years, Key has provided thousands of human service professionals with their first human service work experience.   The experience and training recieved at Key prepares human service professionals to advance in their careers and to secure a variety of positions within the many different areas of human services, such as:  

  • Social Worker, Therapist (private or group practice), Education (teacher, guidance counselor, school adjustment counselor), Law Enforcement (municipal or State police officer), Legal Advocate (lawyer, victim witness advocate, court clinician), Criminal Justice (juvenile probation officer, federal probation officer, corrections officer) and others.