Undergraduate and Graduate Internship Programs with the Key Program in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

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Undergraduate & Graduate Internship Program

Key's Undergraduate and Graduate Internship Program will provide a practical work setting, hands-on experience, structured supervision, and ongoing feedback about your strengths, skills, and potential for growth.

Key’s Internship Program will expose you to a wide variety of experiences and build a bridge between your academic preparation and a practical applied setting.

Intern Experiences Include:

Graduate level interns may have the experiences listed above as well as additional experiences required by their graduate degree program. For example, the following clinical experiences may occur under the direct supervision of a clinically-licensed internship placement supervisor.

Internship Placement Requirements:

Application Process:

See the internship site locations below and select your area of choice.  Forward a cover letter and resume to the appropriate person.  The cover letter should include details about your internship requirements including the required number of hours per week and the anticipated start and end date. If you are selected for an interview, you will then complete Key's Internship Application, provide two professional or educational references and receive approval from your college's Internship Coordinator/Advisor.

Joanna Davis, Recruiter/Trainer
jhdavis@key.org  or  (508) 753-6263

FRAMINGHAM, MA  (for Human Resource Internship)
Carol Malone, Recruitment & Training Manager
cmalone@key.org(508) 877-3690

Howard MacKenzie, Recruiter/Trainer
hmackenzie@key.org  or  (978) 685-0194

Rob Lemoi, Recruiter/Trainer
rlemoi@key.org  or  (774) 388-8973

WALTHAM, MA - Children's Charter Trauma Clinic (for 2nd and 3rd Year Clinical Graduate-Level Interns Only)
Norah Hass, Assistant Forensic Director
Nhass@key.org  or  (781) 894-4307  ext. 13

WESTERN MA  (Greater Springfield, Greenfield  & Pittsfield)
Lynn Meffen, Recruiter/Trainer 
lmeffen@key.org  or  (413) 781-6485

William G. Lyttle Human Service Professional Award

The William G. Lyttle Human Service Professional Award proudly recognizes those special individuals whose passion is to make a difference in the world around them. Eligible recipients of the William G. Lyttle Human Service Professional Award are Bachelor-level or Master-level graduates who have successfully completed an internship or co-op placement at Key and, upon their graduation, are offered and accept a full-time position at Key.  The award of $2,500 is received upon successful completion of a three-month orientation period.  

Since the inception of the William G. Lyttle Human Service Professional Award in May 2007, there have been 55 recipients.  Of these 55 Award recipients, 25 or 45%, remain working at Key in a variety of different positions.  Each day, these former interns continue to make a significant difference in the lives of the children and families they are working with.